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Thor’s Hammer & More: the 3 Simple Weapons That Give Their Wielder Great Power



I understand that there are endless weapons in the comic book/movie universe that could be mentioned here today. I’ve selected just a few of of my favorites. Some are a little old school, but that’s just how I like it. I also wanted to focus on weapons that weren’t too overpowered like the one featured in my title picture, The Infinity Gauntlet. I understand the gauntlet is pretty tough to match and around the top of the food chain when it comes to weapons that grant their wielder powers. But lets just take it down a notch, shall we… To something a little more manageable.

First up, an oldie but goodie. One of my favorites, the weapon that at a very early age turned me on to the world of action heroes:

The Power Sword


The Power Sword, also known as the Sword of Power or the Sword of Grayskull, was given to Prince Adam of Eternia by the sorceress Teela Na who resides in castle Grayskull. The sword is used by Prince Adam to transform into the hero known as He-man and stop the evil Skeletor and his minions from trying to rule Eternia.

When raised to the sky with the magic phrase spoken: “I HAVE THE POWER!!” Prince Adam is endowed with great abilities, which include:

003-16-I-Have-The-Power-Gif.gifMasters of The Universe 1987

Super Strength, Speed and agility. Some feats include being able to take a deep breathe and blow wind powerful enough to knock over enemies, transforming himself into a human tornado, He-man has even rubbed his hands together fast enough to turn sand into glass.

Next up we have my favorite Avenger, Thor.


Thor wielding Mjolnir (The Avengers 2012)
Thor wielding Mjolnir (The Avengers 2012)

Of all the weapons, I would have to say Mjolnir is my favorite. Mostly due to that fact that it’s very difficult or virtually impossible for others to just grab it and use it against you. For that reason I could leave it anywhere and don’t have to worry about it. At the same time, I could call it to me at anytime.

4247947-tumblr_static_tumblr_mk8ns4oh4i1rgxdhwo1_500.gifMjolnir’s power

Mjolnir is a very powerful and enchanted weapon:

Forged out of the Asgardian metal uru in the heart of a star by Dwarven blacksmiths, no living being can lift Mjolnir unless they be worthy. Mjolnir will return to the same spot from which it is thrown. It will also return to Thor if he summons it to himself. Mjolnir also has the ability to control the elements of storm. Lightning, wind and rain. Mjolnir is a virtually indestructible weapon that also allows its wielder to travel inter-dimensionally.

Last but not least, another one of my old school favorites:

Sword of Omens

Lion O by Gonzalo Kenny
Lion O by Gonzalo Kenny

The sword of omens is wielded by Lion O leader of the ThunderCats. The sword was passed down by his father and Lord of the ThunderCats King Claudus. The Sword of Omens has many abilities:

thor-s-hammer-more-the-3-simple-weapons-that-give-their-wielder-great-power-thundercat-614384.gifThunderCats HOOOOO!!!

When Lion O begins his chant of “Thunder, Thunder, Thunder, ThunderCats Hoooo!” The sword begins to display its abilities. First by extending to three times it’s length. The Eye of Thundera which is embedded in the hilt of the sword comes alive. The sword of omens has the ability to emit blasts of energy, capable of stunning, electrocuting and melting through objects. The eye has shown the ability to heal its wielder after lengthy battles with Mumm-Ra. The sword never dulls and has been know to cut through some of the toughest stone. Omens has the ability to warn its wielder of impending danger and can emit a force field around them to protect from danger.

What are some other basic but powerful weapons you can think of that give their wielder great powers? Give me a shout in the comments. Thanks for reading friends.


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One Thing ‘Trick’ Has In Bulk Is Gore



Genre : Horror
Rating : Unrated
Director: Patrick Lussier

Omar Epps
Kristina Reyes
Tom Atkins
Jamie Kennedy

It seems that few genres of film are as collaborative as horror. Despite being considered the black sheep of the film genres horror has produced some incredible creative teams over the years. Whether it’s Wes Craven turning Robert Englund into a bonafide icon or director Guillermo del Toro working with Guillermo Navarro to bring fairy tales to life there’s no denying that there is something about scary movies that brings people together. One of the most promising duos of the 2000’s was director Patrick Lussier and Todd Farmer. Collaborating on 2009’s My Bloody Valentine 3D they would go on to cement their place in genre film history with the bats**t insane Nicolas Cage film Drive Angry. The two seemed to be on the verge of their big break with a sequel to Rob Zombie’s Halloween 2 before going their separate ways. A decade after their first collaboration the two are back to try and make their mark on the slasher genre. Will this Trick be a disaster or more of a treat?

Considered a smart and quiet teenager Patrick Weaver goes on a stabbing spree at a Halloween party in 2015. Claiming several victims, he is able to escape despite capture, being shot several times and falling out of as second story window. Despite this Detective Mike Denver (Omar Epps) and Sheriff Lisa Jayne (Ellen Adair) are unable to find a body. Over the next four years a killer, now simply known as “Trick”, wreaks havoc every year on Halloween tormenting the two. Convinced that Patrick is behind these massacres Mike is back on the hunt, certain that he can capture the elusive killer.



Needless to say, it isn’t the most original of plots. Between Trick being a stand in for Michael Myers and Detective Denver as a new version of Dr. Loomis it would be easy to mistake Trick as Lussier and Farmer’s old Halloween script with a few name changes. They even have Tom Atkins from Halloween 3: Season of the Witch in a fun cameo as Mr. Talbot. Rounding out the cast are Ellen Adair as Sheriff Jayne and Kristina Reyes as Cheryl, a survivor from Trick’s initial killing spree. Despite being two very different characters the two put their all into the role with Sheriff Jayne being the consummate professional and Cheryl as your classic final girl. Aside from a poorly cast Jamie Kennedy in a supporting role the cast do all they can to carry Trick’s cliché-ridden script.

With visual effects from Jean-Francois Beaulieu and visual effects supervisor Pete Sussi the one thing Trick has in bulk is gore. With Trick utilizing a mix of Saw-esque traps and good old-fashioned slashing Trick accumulates a nice little body count. Each kill emphasized by some gnarly looking practical effects. This would be great if Trick had a great slasher of its own. With a painted face and a variety of masks Trick is somehow not only the smartest guy in the room but also the faster than Usain Bolt and more proficient with weaponry than three John Wicks. So instead of Myers we get a 13-year old’s version of what the coolest and most XTREME Halloween movie would be like. We get an explanation for this near the end of the film but by then it’s too little too late.


Watching Trick I couldn’t help but think of Mark Millar’s (writer of Kick-Ass and Old Man Logan) comic book Nemesis. Working with artist Steve McNiven the two created classics. Letting the two work on their own project without any continuity to worry about seemed like a perfect idea. Yet when left unrestrained and to their own devices they stumbled over their own feet. The same can be said of director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer with Trick. With one too many ideas without all the resources Trick ends up feeling more like a collection of cool scenes without a proper through line and instead of creating the next horror legend we get another horror what if.


Rating: 4/10
Links : IMDB

Trick is now available on VOD, DVD and Bluray


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Thriller ‘Knives and Skin’ Cuts Deeper Than Most



Genre : Thriller
Rating : Unrated
Director: Jennifer Reeder

Kate Arrington
Tim Hopper
Marika Engelhardt

A small rural town is turned inside out when local student Carolyn Harper goes missing. Despite the best efforts of the suburban sheriff and Carolyn’s mother she cannot be found. As the days go by a wave of fear and distrust slowly begin to seep into the town’s foundations. As more and more townspeople try to figure out how to deal with their shared trauma a collective awakening takes over the town’s youth.

As simple as that synopsis may sound Knives and Skin is so much more. Written and directed by indie favorite Jennifer Reeder (2017’s Signature Move), Knives and Skin is a hard movie to explain. What starts out as a conventional teen thriller becomes a surrealist take that’s two parts Twin Peaks, one-part Rian Johnson’s Brick with a dash of Heathers to help it all go down. And although Knives and Skin is a grounded mystery it tackles so much more including toxic masculinity, LGBTQ issues and shared trauma.

Just as unique is how Reeder and cinematographer Christopher Rejano present their tale of tragedy. Nostalgic for the bright and vibrant look of the 80’s Knives and Skin uses deep blues and reds feel like they belong more in an Argento film than grounded thriller. Just as intricate are the relationships and characterizations of the town’s inhabitants. Mostly focused on Afra (Haley Bolithon), April (Aurora Real de Asua) and Joanna (Grace Smith) the most compelling performance Carolyn’s mother Lisa (Marika Engelhart). Over the course of the film we watch Lisa go from choir teacher and concerned mother to unraveling mess to a weird kind of acceptance. Marika’s performance is able to straddle tightrope between tragic and touching all at the same time.

As unique as Knives and Skin is in presentation it has its drawbacks. By taking inspiration from David Lynch it also replicates his signature acting style. How his style could make a performance feel stacato and suddenly give off a burst of intensity. Or how someone who was a normal teenager in the scene before would do a complete 180 and feel like a nihilistic monster in the next. Although David Lynch has shown that this style of telling a story can work it can just as often feel off putting. Just as confusing is the narrative of the story. Although the story itself is straight forward I found the way it was being told to be a bit jumbled in execution. Needless to say, Knives and Skin isn’t the kind of movie you put on as background noise.

A bit of a sleeper on the festival circuit Knives and Skin emerges as one of the most unique thrillers of the year. Jarring in presentation and story it isn’t for everyone. And that is probably it’s biggest strength. Not only does writer-director Jennifer Reeder show a skill at genre conventions but she also shows a willingness to look at topics we don’t typically talk about in genre cinema. Whether you love it or hate it Knives and Skin will speak to you in some way.

Rating 7/10
Links : IMDB

Knives and Skin is now in theaters and on VOD

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Gary Oldman Boards a Sinking Ship in ‘Mary’



Genre : Horror-Thriller
Rating : Unrated
Director: Michael Goi

Gary Oldman
Emily Mortimer
Stefanie Scott
Jennifer Esposito

Things have been pretty rough for David (Gary Oldman) as of late. Working as the captain of a fishing tour boat he dreams of starting his own boating business to provide for his family. At a local boat auction he finds an old vessel, The Mary. Desperate and unable to resist the opportunity to be hi own boss he buys the ship despite the financial risk. With the help of his wife Sarah (Emily Mortimer) and daughters Lindsey (Stefanie Scott) and Mary (Chloe Perrin) are able to clean up the ship making it look as good as new. Joined by the young Tommy (Owen Teague) and David’s second in command Mike (Manuel Gracia-Ruflo) the family sets sail towards the Bahamas before the ship’s mysterious past comes to light.



Told in a series of flashbacks during a police interogation Mary should be great. In fact writer Anthony Jaswinski (The Shallows) has proven that an ocean setting is more than enough to craft a compelling tale of terror. Using it as the backdrop for a haunted house story seems like a no brainer. Sadly that isn’t quite what we get. With Jaswinski and director Michael Goi seemingly unsure what they wanted we get a mix of terror and family drama that doesn’t quite commit to either.

For the most part Mary sticks to jump scares. Whether it’s doors banging by themselves or mysterious footprints appearing out of nowhere, Mary treads very familiar waters through most of it’s run time. There are moments of intrigue such as when the ship that haunts The Mary takes control of Tommy but any chances for development are quickly glossed over in the next scene with just as much care going into the dramatic scenes. With tensions high from the time David buys the boat, we get hints through the film before Lindsey confronts her mother about committing infidelity. Although hardly the revelation they want it to be the scene is sold beautifully by Emily Mortimer. In fact, Mortimer does a wonderful job throughout the film.



Her first horror movie in nearly a decade Emily Mortimer is more than ready to carry the film on her shoulders. Playing an unreliable narrator to a criminally underused Jennifer Esposito she gives Mary her all with a performance that wouldn’t be out of place in some of her best roles. She particularly pops when paired up with Gary Oldman. While not given too much to do besides look concerned there are glimpses of suspicion when David catches Sarah talking to Mike. The two are so good together that you can’t help but be disappointed we aren’t watching the two in a straight up dramatic movie.

Between the performances from Emily Mortimer and Gary Oldman and the shots emphasising the isolation of the ocean you can see glimpses of brilliance in Mary. But like the ocean itself these hope spots are swept away just as fast. Instead what we get is a cliche ridden mess that doesn’t quite know what it wants to be. Leaving the door open for a sequel Mary has sunk before it even left port.


Rating 4/10 Links : IMDB

Mary is now on Bluray, DVD and on VOD


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