Details about ‘Thor: Ragnarok‘ have been few and far between.  What we do know is that Chris Hemsworth will be reprising his role as the God of Thunder/Odinson.  We also know that Mark Ruffalo will be joining Hemsworh and reprising his role as Dr. Banner/ The Hulk.


What does this say about the direction of Ragnarok?  It says that we are in for a treat.  We all know that the battle between Thor and Hulk has always been a sought after one.  We received somewhat of a tease of this via ‘The Avengers‘ in 2012.  But reports have lead us to believe that the green guy might be finding his way to Asgard, which could set up a sort of “Thor vs Hulk” showdown in the early part of the film..

Chris Hemsworth spoke to New York Daily News while promoting his upcoming film “In The Heart of The Sea” and had this too say about a potential Hulk/Thor rematch:

“I’d like to think I let him win last time, but because this movie is called Thor, I have to win this time,”

He went on to say:

“I hope it’s a Butch Cassidy (and the Sundance Kid”) sort of story,” he said, referring to a 1969 buddy western. “That would be fun. I love Mark. I think those two characters haven’t spent a whole lot of time talking to each other on screen, so it’s something new, I think it would bring something different out of the characters. It’s hard to have a conversation with the Hulk.”


Recently in an interview with Cinemablend, Chris Hemsworth had these thoughts about the direction of the 3rd Thor installment:

“I think [‘Thor 3’] needs to be injected with that sort of smart wit and unexpected kind of humor, kind of what James Gunn came in and did with ‘Guardians [Of The Galaxy’],” he shared. “It was like off center and unpredictable, and I think we can definitely use a dose of that, you know?”


‘Thor Ragnarok’ hits theaters July 28, 2017