After the most recent trailer for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ dropped on us and blew our minds with the appearance of an unexpected villain.  We’ve only now began to ask ourselves questions about the content of the new found footage.


One questions that has been a splinter in the minds of many bloggers is, “Is Doomsday the major villain of this film?” And if so, “Why would they expose him in the trailer, instead of saving him for the film?”  The answer is simple… There is more to this movie than meets the eye.  But lets get back to why we are here.



Ben Affleck in a recent interview with the French magazine: Studio Cine Live had this to say about the comparisons to Christopher Nolan’s Batman.

“Christopher Nolan used his Batman to tell a finite story. My version is different, but remains faithful to the Batman mythology and all the themes associated with it.” Affleck also went on to say, “One of the reasons for the differences, is that Nolan’s Batman isn’t part of a universe where other superheroes exist as well. Here — because we’re working towards the Justice League — there’s Superman, and it’s a world populated with super beings. This situation generates an altogether new reality.”


Affleck went on further to discuss how this incarnation of Bruce Wayne/Batman will have more trouble dealing with his past and inner pain.

The new movie, he said, “play[s] a bit more with the billionaire playboy side of the character. He lives that life at full tilt. He courts many women, owns many cars, and parties a lot. He does that as a way to fill the void in his soul. Moreover, past incarnations dealt with a straight forward search for justice. This time, Batman’s reasoning is clouded by frustration, bitterness and anger.”


Sounds to me like this version of Batman will be a wildly different take on the character.  More of a loose cannon so to speak.  Not so single minded on revenge and justice.

Let us know in the comments what you think of Affleck’s depiction of the new Dark Knight.