"ACADEMY AWARD WINNER, TOM WOODRUFF JR'S FIRST DIRECTORIAL DEBUT IS A DARK TWISTED FILM, THAT SOMEHOW BRINGS YOU LAUGHTER" 1.5 Summary If you want a laugh, or are into this sort of thing, by all means check it out. But…

I have to first start of by saying, sometimes reviewing a film is difficult. It’s easy to look at someone’s hard work, then critique it from the safety of your own computer. Not taking into consideration what they may have had to go through to get their vision made. Studio cutbacks, poor acting, time conflicts etc. I’m sure even with the same budget, time constraints, actors/actresses, I wouldn’t be able to pull off something even close to this. But as they say in Hollywood, The show must go on!

Where do I begin with this film.. I initially was intrigued by the cover and the synopsis of this piece.

Set in a world where demons live among us, this exhilarating vitrine of effects and action sees a hard-boiled demon named Vine confronted with the ultimate choice between the salvation of his own kind and the life of an innocent human girl.

This film begins with sort of a “Shock and awe campaign” but immediately falls short and just comes across creepy. And not in the this is scary and could get good sort of way, more of a what the hell am I watching sort of way.

Fire City then goes quickly from a gory, rapey, demon movie, to a CSI of apartment dwelling demons. And yes you heard me correctly, a CSI of demons. Most of which come across on screen like super low budget Star Wars spin off.

see what I mean
see what I mean

The movie follows Vine, a demon who has found his place on Earth as the feeder of other demons in his apartment complex. The demons feed off of the misfortune and misery of the humans who live there. Suddenly Vine awakens to find that everyone has found happiness and peace. There mysteriously is no misery in the world around him. As the demons begin to starve, Vine realizes he must unravel the mystery of what is causing this to happen. Hence the CSI.

Vine CSI'ng
Vine CSI’ng

The movie takes some twist and turns, that only lead outside of this apartment building one time.

I was confused most of the film as to what was going on. The question you might be asking yourself is, “Why didn’t you just turn it off?” The answer is simple. I actually began to find it funny. I know Director Woodruff was not going for a comedy here. But if you actually look at it as such, it becomes a decent film. The ending of this film doesn’t do much to help you understand what you just witnessed. But It definitely stays true to itself. Being that its confusing, and kinda silly.


If you want a laugh, or are into this sort of thing, by all means check it out. But if you are like me and maybe just expect a little more out of an Indie film, please do not and I mean do not put yourself through it.

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