The mainstream press have been picking up on a purported Star Wars Episode VIII script leak.

The so-called revelations originated on Reddit over a week ago.

According to a poster dubbed LouEvilOne:

  • The eighth chapter will be titled Echoes of the Dark Side.
  • Rey is the reincarnated Chosen One.
  • She was dumped on Jakku by Luke.
  • Benicio Del Toro is a New Republic politician named Vikram.

None of the above truly requires a spoiler warning. That’s because Lucasfilm creative executive Pablo Hidalgo has already debunked the script as “garbage”.

There’s nothing Hidalgo can’t tell you about the Star Wars universe -not that he would ever spill the beans about tightly guarded future plot details!

On this occasion, he responded to fans on Twitter regarding the Reddit situation. Just so you don’t have to root through his timeline:

The as-yet untitled movie by Rian Johnson will be released on December 15 2017.