After writing my last entry about about the possibility of DCEU “Taking things over the top” I started to wonder. What are the chances of Greek Mythology actually spilling into the DC Cinematic Universe? Greek Mythology has always been one of my favorite topics. And since Diana Prince has been revealed to be the daughter of Zeus and Hippolyta, the floodgate of possibilities for future movies has been opened.


Of course,  Marvel has already traveled this path, bringing Norse Mythology into the MCU. Going as far to include Thor directly into their storylines. Even though there are some slight changes to the mythology. Marvel has morphed the idea of Asgardiansbeing Gods to the idea that they are an advanced alien civilization that has a firm grip on science and the technology to prolong life.


 In 2011 DC Comics relaunched as the “New 52” which made Zeus a prominent figure in the Wonder Woman Universe. Originally Diana was told she was made of clay. But later was revealed to be the daughter of Zeus. DC Comics even went so far as to have Zeus interact with heroes of the Universe.


It raises the question, will DC make an attempt to incorporate Greek Gods into future films? I for one think it would be interesting. The problem is, how do you incorporate them, without making them omnipotent. Marvel has the right formula by making them advanced aliens. DC can’t copycat that formula, otherwise I feel it will only come off as an attempt to move in the direction of Marvel, that won’t be met well by fans.

There are some great story arcs though, that could fuel the relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman:


All in all, I think it would be awesome. And could make for some interesting movie dialogue. One way I could see this working, is to have Zeus stand by one of his major rules, which is, Gods do not interfere in the affairs of Mankind (Even though they Do). So the Gods could be witnessing all the terrible things happening on Earth via Steppenwolf and Darkseid but will never intervene.

Do you think Greek Gods should make an appearance in the DCEU?