alien2Director Ridley Scott hopes to turn ‘Alien:Covenant’ into more of a Sci-fi/horror flick than its predecessor ‘Prometheus.’  Michael Fassbender is slated to reprise his role as the humanoid alien David.

Fassbender spoke to Collider and spilled the beans while shedding some light on the upcoming film:

“I have to say, this Alien is going to be – I’m really excited to see it and everybody in the film was saying that there’s a film that we all wanna see,” Fassbender stated. “It’s much scarier than ‘Prometheus,’ but it’s got that sort of same scope as ‘Prometheus,’ that imminent sort of disaster feel that ‘Alien’ had. So it’s kind of a beautiful meeting of both of those films. I’m really excited to see it, I think it’s gonna be super scary, number one. And again, with the massive scope of ‘Prometheus’… Yeah, you know once it starts and the ball starts rolling, it’s definitely going to bring chills to the cinema.”

The images below showcase the evolution of the “Xenomorphs” into what are now called “Neomorphs.” Which in turn are leaning closer to what Ridley Scott has planned for the franchise.  Scott plans to tie ‘Alien: Covenant’ into ‘Prometheus’ and lead thing back to his original 1979 film, ‘Alien.’





‘Alien: Covenant’ hits theaters August 4, 2017 Starring: Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Noomi Rapace, Danny McBride