It has been many years since the 1977 release of ‘Star Wars: A New Hope.’ The franchise has evolved over the decades, further beyond what I’m sure George Lucas himself had envisioned for the films. Over the years, the importance of kyber crystals has gained more and more traction in Star Wars lore, culminating with ‘Rogue One’ centering around the harvesting of kyber crystals to power the death star.

The verdict has been out on exactly how kyber crystals get their color in lightsabers. From fan theories to non-cannon animation and comics, no one has really known until now!

“The crystal from any Jedi’s saber will do. As you know, the Kyber’s are alive, in their way. Like any living thing, they can feel pain. Through the dark side, you must pour your pain into the crystal. And when, at last, the agony becomes more than it can stand…a beautiful crimson. The color of your rage.”

A recent Star Wars comic revealed the now cannon reason for the red kyber crystals in Sith lightsabers:

Pain!!! Sith pour their pain into the crystal and once the living crystal can stand no more and the agony becomes to great, the crystal becomes crimson red. The color of the users rage.