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Per the norm, I’m usually pretty skeptical about fan-made trailers etc. It’s usually hit or miss if we are going to get something magical. Today, I was able to feast my eye’s upon a hit. As many of us know, Tom Holkenborg, AKA Junkie XL has been released from scoring the upcoming DCEU project, [Justice League] and is being replaced by none other than the legendary, Danny Elfman. As stated in the DANNY ELFMAN SET TO SCORE ‘JUSTICE LEAGUE,’ MAKING IT THE GREATEST SUPERHERO FILM OF ALL-TIME. Elfman has a long running history with creating fantastic soundtracks and taking films to the next level.

Some fantastic individual or individuals over at Screen Crush decided to take it upon themselves to recut the recent ‘Justice League’ trailer with Danny Elfman’s Batman Theme. It turned out as fantastic as you might imagine. Just seeing Ben Affleck in the opening sequence as Bruce Wayne with the Original Batman score building in the background is enough to get any old school fan out of their seat.

Justice League hits theaters: November 17, 2017