In a recent Q&A with Toronto Sun, Tom Holland answered a few questions about the highly anticipated ‘Avengers: Infinity War.’ Even thought he admitted he doesn’t know a ton about the film due to the fact, the people over at Marvel will not let him read anything because of his inability to keep a secret.

Most of the questions centered around his upcoming role as the world’s favorite wall-crawler, in which Holland described it more as a “re-imagining” than a re-boot. Which was also accompanied by high praise for co-star Robert Downey Jr. Who was described as a “lead by example” type mentor on set.

Holland continued his high level of excited for the future MCU movie [Infinity War] by saying:

“It needs no teasing. That movie literally needs no teasing. It’s going to be the biggest movie of all time. Believe me; no one is ready for that movie.”

Now if that doesn’t get you excited, I don’t know what will. And when asked about Chris Pratt’s teasing that Infinity Wars will be a “huge spectacle” that “transcends the genre,” Holland followed up with his thoughts, saying it’s a sequel that is so epic that even hardcore Marvel fans won’t be ready for it.