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Beacon point (2016)



SummaBeacon Pointry

A group of hikers lost on the Appalachian Trail stumble across an ancient secret that threatens their survival.

Genre : SF/Horror
Country : USA

Cast :
Jon Briddell : Drake
Rae Olivier : Zoe
Jason Burkey : Brian

Director :
Eric Blue

My opinion on “Beacon Point”

“This was once all Cherokee land.
It was considered sacred ground,
and trespassers would be killed on sight.”

At the very least, you can say that “Beacon point” is a weird and rather strange movie. After seeing it you’re wondering what in God’s name it was about anyway. I started watching it without any clue what it would be about. And by the time the end credits rolled over the screen, I still didn’t have a clue. In the first 15 minutes there are also some events which in hindsight had nothing to do with the whole story. It starts with a Predator-like scene where two hunters, who look like they have just returned from a Vietnam tour, are chased by something unknown in the forest. Then we see Drake (John Briddell) having an argument with his boss about his criminal past. The result is not too beneficial for Drake. Let’s say a fallen antler with sharp ends plays a main role.

Beacon Point

Hey! A ripped apart body. Such a pity … Ok let’s go on.

Then there are some facts that aren’t plausible and realistic enough too me. First of all the volunteers who want to follow the Appalachian Trail aren’t asking any questions about the person Drake. I suppose they’ve paid a lot of money for this trip. And yet, nobody is wondering if Drake is the official guide and if he’s experienced enough. The participants meekly submit their participation papers and follow the completely unknown and not officially introduced trail master.

Even when they find a corpse after a bit of walking, Drake tells them it’s just an unfortunate incident and that it’s probably the result of a hungry bear the victim ran into while hiking through the forest. So, no problem. And they continue their trip in the assumption that someone else will solve the problem I guess. I know for certain I would turn around, because I wouldn’t want to encounter that same hungry bear somewhere.

Didn’t he say not to touch it. Moron!

It’s also bizarre that in the rest of the film these events aren’t mentioned again. As if it never happened. It seems like they’ve used these events to get a standard playtime for the movie. It seems like random events which have nothing to do with the story line. After these unusual occurrences, we get a lot of walking and puffing. The same as in “A walk in the woods” and “Wild“.

The participants are a colorful group consisting of Brian (Jason Burkey) and Cheese (RJ Shearer), two brothers who recently discovered they were brothers. Then there is Dan (Eric Goins), a jolly fat guy who left Silicon Valley behind for a while. And Zoe is an ex-real estate broker who concluded that she didn’t want to end up like her father and, as a tribute, wants to scatter her dad’s ashes in the Appalachians. Before they realize it, they are lost and discover an ancient indian cemetery and later on a bizarre totem. And that’s when strange things start to happen at night and the group of hikers are the victims of nightmares and illnesses

Beacon point

Anybody know who caused all this? Mail me!

Not only the course of the story and the cause of all this misery were strange. The most strange thing is that despite the unoriginal, bad dialogues, the ridiculous decisions and the total lack of explanation, I was fascinated by it in a certain way. There’s a somewhat tense atmosphere. There are beautiful shots to admire made by a drone I guess. And the acting wasn’t so bad afterall (just ignore the dialogues). It’s only the lack of knowing what happened actually that became an annoyance. Was it the trespassing of an old Indian cemetery that released an ancient curse? Or was it aliens that caused it all? Or did they eat some wrong mushrooms and became delirious? And why didn’t they all get sick ? Believe me. You won’t get an answer in the end. And the last images causes even more confusion and are a source of new speculations.

If you expected a type of “X-files” after seeing the cover, you’ll be deeply disappointed. And you can hardly call it horror. There’s not one creepy or scary scene in it. The only effect this film had on me was that I’m sure I’ll once visit those Appalachian forests. And I’m certain there won’t be any martians to haunt me at night.


My rating 5/10
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Sweetheart: The Panic And Subsequent Calmness Seem Realistic Enough



Sweetheart(thunder rumbling)
(wind whooshing)
(hammock creaking)
(thunder cracks)
(creature huffing)
(creature snorting)
(creature chittering)
(cries out)
(creature growls)
(creature growling)
(thunder cracks)
(creature hissing)
(thunder cracks)
(creature roars)
(thunder rumbling)


Let me first make a comment before I start spitting my opinion about “Sweetheart“. How the hell did this kid succeed in reaching the beach of this exotic island? I’m sure that after a few minutes of floating around in the ocean, she’d go down like a stone. That’s not entirely true, of course. Because, when I remember correctly, she was wearing a life jacket (with a backpack over it). I just wanted to point out that she had the most disastrous-looking swimming technique I’ve ever seen in my life. And the fact that not all tropical islands were used in commercials about “Bounty”, but are also the territory of evil, dark creatures from the ocean. And since shipwrecks don’t wash up on this island regularly, the creature was presumably on a fish diet before it could drag some human meat to his hole in the ocean once again. But this aside. “Sweetheart” is a fairly simple story about surviving.




Not an amorous fish friend.

Take the well-known story of “Robinson Crusoe” and mix it with the story from “Cold Skin” and you’ll get “Sweetheart” as a result. The difference with the Crusoe story is the key player. Here it’s someone of the female gender who’s being washed ashore on a beach. And also, she isn’t joined by a friendly native (such as Friday) but a scaly and life-threatening sea monster. And no, this ocean dweller doesn’t have the same amorous intentions as our gilled friend from “The shape of water“. In that case, the film would have gotten a more frivolous character and our survivor’s stay would have been much more enjoyable.




What to do when you arrive on an island.

Unfortunately, this film doesn’t have much to offer. Actually, as much as Jenn (Kiersey Clemons) was wearing when she woke up there in the saltwater, feeling beach sand scraping between her toes. Nothing much. Only short jeans and a t-shirt. Fortunately, her knowledge of survival techniques was abundantly present. Without hesitation, this young lady runs through the checklist of the “Tasks to be performed when you wash up on an uninhabited island” list and starts installing herself on the island as well and as badly as possible. The first part is, therefore, a concatenation of moments where you can see Jenn handling these tasks. Estimating the perimeter of the island, developing hunting techniques, ensure a decent place to spend the night and thoroughly explore the island itself. Only the nocturnal threat was not on the list. Something for which she has to use her own personal inventiveness.




There’s not much talking here.

Most of the film consists of Clemons doing a solo performance. The success or failure of such kinds of films (as in “Mine” for example) is therefore entirely in the hands of that specific person. Should her acting be bad or unbelievable, the film will suffer a figurative shipwreck (how appropriate). Fortunately, that’s not the case here. She acts solidly and is convincing enough. The panic and subsequent calmness seem realistic enough. Eloquence isn’t necessary here either. Most of the time the film is dialogue-free. Well, it’s hard to have in-depth conversations when you’re on an island on your own. And when an inflatable rescue boat appears on the horizon, with Jenn’s friends on board, it briefly creates some tension. Not for you as a viewer but for the participating actors themselves.




Not an exciting movie for me.

What remains is the aquatic creature. Yes, could this monster ensure some tense moments? Unfortunately, the creature is allergic to sunlight. In short, it’s only in pitch darkness (and an uninhabited island without artificial lighting is simply pitch dark) that you can see this rogue (partially). There are nevertheless some successful scenes in the film in which it shows how supreme it is in water. But except for a little growling and hissing, the monster is a bit disappointing. All in all, I didn’t think it was an exciting movie. Since it’s an exotic island, the film is peppered with breathtaking images of beaches and azure blue water. And isn’t that something an average earner can only dream of?


My rating 5/10
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The Invisible Man – 2020 | Full Trailer – HD




Horror, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Release Date:

February 28, 2020


Leigh Whannell


Elizabeth Moss, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Aldis Hodge, Benedict Harde, Storm Reid

Plot Summary:

A woman receives the news of her abusive ex-boyfriend’s suicide. She begins to rebuild her life for the better. However, her sense of reality is put into question when she begins to suspect her deceased lover is not actually dead.


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The Curse of La Llorona: An Interesting Film For Newbies To Start With The Horror Genre



LooYou used him as bait?
No. I used you all as bait.


When I visited Eurodisney near Paris for the first time years ago (it seems like centuries ago), I was so overwhelmed and enchanted by the atmosphere and everything there was to admire. I literally hovered through this park for three days and had the time of my life. At the beginning of this year, I visited the park again (this time with my two young kids) and it was 3 days of fun again. However, it was far from the same as that first time. If you have been somewhere six times you know what to expect and you are no longer so impressed by it. The same applies to this film “The curse of La Llorona“. A horror movie that is part of the “The Conjuring” universe.


The Curse of La Llorona


You should be scared.

The entity La Llorona in itself is fairly well developed. But you could also say that about the evil nun that scared you in “The Nun“. I saw the latter at the beginning of this year and to be honest I found it rather disappointing. After two “The Conjuring” films, a number of “Annabelle” films and “The Nun” it starts to look like mass production. Now, it’s a golden rule that globally well-known brands always do the same thing. And that’s not to deviate from its formula for success. It ensures that people aren’t disappointed because they know the product very well. But with a product such as horror films, this can also lead to a worn-out formula. A worn off formula in such a way that it becomes boring and far from scary. And that’s exactly what you need in a horror. Creepy moments so that fear grabs you by the throat.


The Curse of La Llorona


Behave or La Llorona comes to get you.

Not that I’ve ever experienced a feeling of fear while watching a horror. But this looked weak. I was looking at it as if I was watching the umpteenth repeat of “America got Talent”. Uninterested and numb. The La Llorona phenomenon isn’t really remarkable. After a while, you come to know that it’s about a woman who drowned her children in a moment of madness and afterward killed herself. The legend grew into a sort of parenting trick that was used to teach children some discipline. I can already imagine how old grandmothers admonish their grandchildren with a standard sentence such as “If you don’t behave, La Llorona comes to get you.” Terrifying for the children. Not so impressive for an adult.


The Curse of La Llorona


Lots of jumpscares.

The Curse of La Llorona” is full of jumpscares. That in itself isn’t a problem. At least when they are presented decently and preferably also in an original way. The jumpscares here, however, are so clichéd that you already know in advance where they will be used. The most intense and successful scene is the bathtub scene. Claustrophobic and effectively put together. It reminded me of “The Drownsman” (even though you can’t call that movie excellent). And maybe the involvement of Rafael Olvera (Raymond Cruz) can be called original. He’s not an average exorcist like the Warren couple in “The Conjuring“. I tend to think of him as more of a medicine man who performs voodoo-like rituals and lavishly sprinkles tree seeds and puts down a whole bunch of candles, just to stop La Llorona. To be honest I thought it was pretty funny. The moment when Olvera picks up his samba balls. And certainly his bone-dry reply in the end.


The Curse of La Llorona


Not a successful horror.

No, you can’t call this film successful. “The Nun” wasn’t that great, but I still place it above this film if I had to arrange them in a list. Perhaps it’s an interesting film for newbies to start with the horror genre. As a warm-up to discover the better stuff, as it were. For the seasoned horror film fan, it’s more likely to be a disappointment. So, I kinda have my doubts about the upcoming episodes from the “The Conjuring” Universum.


My rating 4/10
Links: IMDB

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