With ‘Justice League’ nearing and the resurrection of the Man of Steel imminent, fans have begun to wonder what we can expect from a “Superman 2” film. There hasn’t been much confirmed as far as the direction of the film, but some have speculated that we will see the “Rebirth” of Super girl on screen.

A very short list of Directors has emerged and with the recent and unfortunate departure of Zack Snyder due to family issues from the ‘Justice League’ film, one can only assume we will end up with a fresh take on the Man of Steel.

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[kb_description]”He’s a beacon of light in darkness”[/kb_description]
[kb_author]Mathew Vaughn[/kb_author]

One name that has recently been talked about is ‘Kingsman: The Golden Circle’ Director Mathew Vaughn. In a recent interview with Collider, Vaughn opened up about his possible vision for a Superman film:

“Weirdly if I did do Superman—and I made the mistake of telling someone yesterday I have spoken about it and then wallop (laughs)—I think my main take would be, it’s really boring but make a Superman film. I just don’t feel a proper Superman—I think Donner did it to perfection for that time. Just doing the modern—I wanna do a modern version of the Donner [version]. Go back to the source material… For me Superman is color, feel-good, heroic. He’s a beacon of light in darkness. And that’s what I think Superman should be.”

Though this take sounds exiting, I feel that was what Bryan Singer attempted to pull off with 2006’s ‘Superman Returns.’ The film took in a modest 391 million and was met with harsh criticism. It would be hard to say if Mathew Vaughn would be able to do anything different with this concept. But only time will tell what’s in store, for the last son of krypton.