With ‘Justice League’ only a month away, the marketing campaign has taken flight. Ben Affleck recently stated, that this was by far the largest movie he’s ever been a part of. ‘Justice League’ has seen its share of controversy over the last year but looks to be set for a major rebound and ready to close out 2017 as one of the biggest films of the year.

Recently Ray Fisher aka Cyborg, shed some light on the abilities of this incarnation of his character. Fisher told Cinema Blend that Cyborg’s abilities won’t be limited in the DCEU’s ‘Justice League.’ We know that his powers come from the “Mother Box” his limbs were created from. Here’s what Ray Fisher had to say about his character:

“Due to the technology used to create Cyborg, his powers are ever-evolving. They include: the ability to interface with anything technological, flight, super-strength, hologram projection and a sophisticated weapon’s system … the list goes on! He has powers within him that even he isn’t yet aware of. Cyborg doesn’t need to eat or sleep, and whenever he encounters an issue that he’s not initially equipped to handle, his technology can transmogrify and immediately adapt to that situation.”

It would appear that Cyborg has the ability to adapt to the situation he’s in and his body will equip him with what’s needed to handle the situation. Sound like a pretty useful power when up against Darkseid and his forces.

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[kb_description]Victor Stone [Cyborg][/kb_description]

Cyborg, also known as Victor Stone, is a superhero who is half man and half machine. His body was destroyed in a tragic accident, but he was saved through experimental technology; his body parts have been replaced with a large arsenal of high-tech gadgets and weaponry, while constantly providing life support. Stone struggles with his humanity as a machine, although his advancements have made him incredibly powerful. He has primarily been a member of the Teen Titans, but he is also a member of the Justice LeagueCyborg was created by Marv Wolfman and George Pérez, first appearing in DC Comics Presents #26. (1980)


‘Justice League’ hits theaters November 17, 2017