December 22, 2017
David Ayer
Will Smith, Joel Edgerton, Noomi Rapace, Edgar Ramirez, Lucy

Set in a world where mystical creatures live side by side with humans. A human cop is forced to work with an Orc to find a weapon everyone is prepared to kill for.

Forget what you thought you knew about Orcs, Elves and Faires. This movie completely turns that upside down. Elves are gorgeous as ever in this movie also rich and bad. So bad, that they make being a bad guy look good. It’s also refreshing to finally have a female antagonist.

‘Bright,’ is a cross I would say, between ‘Beverly Hills Cop,’Kill Bill’ and ‘Final Fantasy.’ The plot works believably well in our modern age. Some aspects of ‘Bright’ are predictable but there’s no shortage of keeping you interested with twists and turns just when it’s needed.

Will Smith and Joel Edgerton have fabulous chemistry, their partnership really works as you see their characters grow together.

Without giving too much away, Netflix has created a classic. A must see over the holidays. I enjoyed, and I hope they make another one! I hope you guys enjoy the movie! Happy Christmas!!