The first trailer for M. Night Shyamalan’s 2019 film ‘Glass’ was screened at CinemaCon in Las Vegas. The audience was treated to the first look as to what we can expect from the highly anticipated film. The footage opens up with Dr. Ellie Staple addressing the main cast of the film. Elijah Price, David Dunn and Kevin Wendell Crumb. She is trying to evaluate the men and understand why they feel they are “Superheroes.”

“The three of you have convinced yourselves that you have extraordinary gifts, like something out of a comic book.”

She continues to question Patricia, (one of Kevin’s personalities):

“What I am questioning,” she tells Patricia, “is your belief that you are something more than human.”

“And yet it is true,” answers a deeper voice from the monster behind Split.

The trailer ends with Elijah Price introducing himself to “The Horde” stating:

“first name, Mister; last name, Glass.”

Shyamalan went on to address the crowd about his process to creating the trilogy:

“Eighteen years ago, I based a movie around a crazy idea: what if comic books were based on reality?” Shyamalan told the audience. “And in Unbreakable, I tried to tell the origin story of a superhero that lives in the real world, David Dunn, played by Bruce Willis.”

He then explain his process with ‘Split:’

“another crazy question: what if the afflictions, the disorders that society thinks makes a person damaged or broken actually are gifts that make them exceptional?” From it came “the origin story for an anarchist that could be good or could be bad.”

Paulson ( Dr. Ellie Staple) posed a final question for the third film:

“What if these real-life supervillains and superheroes are somehow locked up together? I mean, what could go wrong?”

‘Glass’ hits theaters January 18, 2019