Genre : Comedy-Horror
Country : Canada
Director: Lowell Dean

Leo Fafard
Amy Matysio
Jonathan Cherry

Sometimes all you need to know about a movie is right there in the title. Reading a title like Snakes on a Plane you immediately know it will involve a plane where the snakes reside. When you hear Titanic, you expect a dramatic tale based on what was supposed to be The Unsinkable Ship. For a more recent example one needs to look no further than Wolfcop. Released in 2014 this slice of Canuxploitation tried to be the ultimate midnight movie and almost succeeded. Starring Leo Fafard as Sergeant Lou Garou, Wolfcop followed the adventures of an alcoholic cop who is transformed into a werewolf by a shapeshifting cult. While far from perfect it had the humor, gore and practical effects to make what should have been a one-note joke work over 79 minutes. In fact, it was so successful it spawned Another Wolfcop. Is there enough there for another movie or has this wolf been defanged?


It had been several months since Lou Garou was turned into the Wolfcop. As he tries to keep a low profile the town of Woodhaven has found a new savior. Entrepreneur Sydney Swallows plans to rejuvenate the small town with a hockey rink/brewery. With ulterior motives it is up to Lou and the Woodhaven police department to stop an invasion of shapeshifters.


Leading our return to Woodhaven is writer and director Lowell Dean. His first film since the first Wolfcop he has improved quite a bit since the first film. Playing a bit more with colors and lighting each set has its own distinct feel. Oddly enough, sets that look like they’re straight out of Mystery Science Theater 3000 fit perfectly in small town Canada. Helping this is an obviously bigger budget. Like it’s predecessor it relies more on prosthetics and practical effects, giving audiences a good view of every ripped tendon and beheading. Dean’s improvements aren’t just behind the camera either, his pen has gotten sharper as well.

Expanding on the first film we are introduced to a shadowy conspiracy, body-bursting monsters and killer robot hockey players. And as crazy as all that sounds it is just the tip of the iceberg. With dismemberment and werewolf sex, the crude humor from the original is back in full force. Which, unfortunately, leads to some of the movie’s biggest problems. In fact, Another Wolfcop‘s biggest flaw is how closely it follows the structure and jokes of the original. Like a lot of other comedy sequels Another Wolfcop tends to fall into the trap of simply going bigger with gags we have already seen. It can be funny but one can’t help but think they’ve seen certain gags before. One of the big reasons it still works is the amazing chemistry of the cast.


The majority of the cast returns for Another Wolfcop and their chemistry is just as good. Leo Fafard remains a likable and surly Lou Garou/Wolfcop with Amy Matysio perfectly cast as his straight-laced partner. Also returning is Jonathan Cherry as the mysteriously goo-covered best friend, Willie Higgins. As a trio the three’s charisma carry Another Wolfcop through some of the slower moments. New to the cast is Yannick Basson as businessman Sydney Swallows. Despicably evil from the moment we see him he comes off as the slimiest evil businessman in quite some time. The only weak link is Serena Miller as Willie’s sister Kat. A conspiracy theorist like her brother it’s less that Miller’s acting is bad and more that she isn’t given too much of a personality besides love interest.


In today’s world of genre filmmaking terms like “midnight movie” are tossed around a lot. Whether it’s the latest splatter film, creepy haunted house film or anything from Troma the title of “midnight movie” has become a badge of honor. Even though the original Wolfcop was touted as the next big cult classic I have to tip my hat to Another Wolfcop. Learning from the first film’s mistakes it focuses more on the crazy world of the Wolfcop rather than his background and leaning more into the absurdity. It certainly isn’t for everyone. For those with a sensitive stomach or a more serious take on Lycans, Another Wolfcop isn’t for you. But if you’re looking for an orgy of the absurd filled with blood, guts and the occasional werewolf peen there are few options better.


Rating 7/10
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