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Death Wish (2018)



Dr. Paul Kersey is an experienced trauma surgeon, a man who has spent his life saving lives. After an attack on his family, Paul embarks on his own mission for justice.

Genre : Action
Country : USA

Cast :
Bruce Willis : Paul Kersey
Vincent D’Onofrio : Frank Kersey
Dean Norris : Detective Kevin Raines

Director :
Eli Roth

My opinion on “Death Wish”

“We’ll get you set up with your FOID application right here today.
State Police send it pretty quick.
And then you’ll just have to take a gun safety class, but don’t worry, no one ever fails.
You can do that anytime within 30 days of the time period you’re waiting for your city permit.
And then it’s just 72 hours, and you’re locked, and ready to rock.”

Should I take the risk and watch a Bruce Willis movie again? All the previous films with this action hero were almost one by one (with the exception of “Once upon a time in Venice“) sources of annoyance in which Bruce acted uninspired and without enthusiasm. I’m sure his facial expression showed more enthusiasm when he looked at his paycheck. But I thought, let’s just bite the bullet and get this over with. And to be honest, this remake of “Death Wish” wasn’t so bad. It’s not possible for me to compare this movie with the series of films from the 70s and 80s with the legendary Charles Bronson, because I just can’t remember ever having seen one of them. Maybe Bruce Willis is a kind of icon in Hollywood. But compared to Charles Bronson, he’s just a teeny, tiny icon.

Bruce Willis being clumsy with guns. Odd!

There’s one thing he doesn’t show here. And that’s the lack of enthusiasm. I only had the impression that the part of Paul Kersey wasn’t really written for him. It felt a little weird to see someone like Bruce Willis acting as a top surgeon who transforms into an angel of revenge, but shows total clumsiness and amateurism when it comes to handling firearms. While he has a past as a tough crime fighter who isn’t afraid of harsh confrontations and gunfights. It’s a bit like Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Twins”. A role that also clashes a bit with Arnold’s career as action-hero. I got nothing against an actor who wants to try something else in his career that’s not in line with the expectations. However, this doesn’t fit with some. The same applies to Willis.

The bowling ball! Hilarious!

The film doesn’t surprise since it’s based on the well-known clichés that occur in most revenge movies. You’ll see the self-taught avenger evolve from a kind-hearted soul (Paul Kersey doesn’t shrink from saving some scum’s life who just killed a policeman) to a self-proclaimed judge with a ruthless vindictiveness. The sale of arms is also denounced here, where once again it’s unambiguously shown how easy it is to get a deadly weapon. And of course, the police are too lax or too stupid to take action against the criminals. The coincidences also play a major role in this film. The highlight is a bowling ball on the loose. At that moment I didn’t know whether this had a parodying function or was intended intentionally.


For members of the N.R.A., it’s mandatory to watch this flick.

In these days when a lunatic starts shooting at a square-dancing crowd in Las Vegas or a frustrated teenager starts mowing down a dozen fellow students with daddy’s automatic machine gun, you could argue that a movie like “Death Wish” is kind of unacceptable. And I’m sure some will become sarcastic about it and use this movie title and the term “N.R.A.” in one slogan. To be honest, there will never be a good time to release a movie like “Death Wish”. As long as the government of the U.S. refuses to see that the second amendment belongs to the era of the Wild West, the problem remains. Instead of arming every individual, they should send a stronger signal to criminally minded fellow men. Allow me to cough up a sarcastic remark myself. I’m sure that the N.R.A. watched it approvingly and sponsored this film. That way their conviction that one can only fight the bad guys by providing the good people with weapons, remains intact.

I admit it wasn’t such a bad Bruce-Willis-movie.

Compared to previous films where Bruce Willis showed up in, this film isn’t really that bad. The only thing Willis is certainly not capable of is showing emotionality. How he responds to the news that his wife has died, raises questions. Has his profession as a surgeon made him numb? Or is it just Willis? “Death Wish” is a remake of a film that fitted in that particular era. The use of YouTube videos that go viral and at the same time Kerry who wears a hoodie won’t make this a film that fits with our current conception of society. Let’s hope Eli Roth made this film to provoke and stir up reactions. And hopefully, the statements about the mismanagement of weapon regulations by the busty blonde saleswoman at “Jolly Roger” were also fictional. However, I doubt the latter.

My rating 5/10
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Guns Akimbo: This Film Is Simply Top-Notch Entertainment



I would have shot you in the dick,
if the target wasn’t so small.


Guns Akimbo” is simply too absurd for words. It’s absolute nonsense and you shouldn’t take it too seriously. It’s simply “over the top” pulp and looks as if it’s based on some Asian comic strip. But believe me. This film is simply top-notch entertainment. A roller coaster that slowly takes a very steep run-up and then crashes into the depth with a breakneck-speed, shaking you back and forth. And this crazy, hyperkinetic ride lasts until the end. The action scenes with Nix (Samara Weaving) are equivalent to those in “John Wick“. Flashy editing. Blood splattering when bullets rip apart human flesh in slow motion. And all this under the guidance of an energetic soundtrack where you will hear amongst other “The Ballroom Blitz” from The Sweet. In short, I greatly enjoyed this film for an hour and a half.


Guns Akimbo


Once again respect for the actor Radcliffe.

I have infinite respect for the actor Daniel Radcliffe. This guy could have benefited all his life from the “Harry Potter” stamp that they have tattooed on his forehead. It would have been possible to come up with a few sequels without any problems and without hesitation they could have exploited the success formula of the book series and film versions. He could also have demanded to be part of the “Fantastic Beasts and where to find them” franchise. But no. Instead, Radcliffe opted for not so obvious projects such as “Kill your Darlings“, “Horns” and “Swiss Army Man“. A homosexual-tinted film, full of literary blabbering on the one hand. And on the other hand a film about a friendship between a castaway and a corpse. It’s hard to say that these were commercially safe films that suit the fantasy-loving Harry Potter fans. And to avoid any misunderstanding. I was also enchanted by the Potter films (at least the first four anyway).


Guns Akimbo


Where did these freaking guns come from?

So no magic formulas, mythological creatures and a Radcliffe with a wizard hat showing a boyish, shy smile. Nope, he’s a nobody in this flick. A nobody with a futureless job, who empties one beer bottle after the other while playing violent video games at home. And as a notorious online troll hunter, Miles (Daniel Radcliffe) cannot resist posting derogatory comments on the “Skizm” website and provoking supporters of this obscure platform. “Skizm” is an illegal website that organizes duels in real life where opponents try to eliminate each other. And this is thrown on the internet and followed by hundreds of thousands of fanatic fans and bettors. Obviously, the first movie that came to mind was “Death Match“. The organizer of all this is an ugly tattooed guy called Riktor (Ned Dennehy) who’s obviously completely nuts and is accompanied by a gang of weirdos whose muscle mass is noticeably heavier than the weight of their brains. And Riktor isn’t happy with the muscular language Miles places on his forum. And before the latter realizes it, he lies in bed with two automatic guns bolted to both his hands. And furthermore, he himself is a candidate for a duel between him and Nix.


Guns Akimbo


Over-the-top action.

With this film, Daniel Radcliffe leaves his comfort zone for the umpteenth time and tries to show that he’s more than just Harry Potter. A bushy beard, constantly covered in blood and using a portion of self-mockery and humor, ensure that. Not to mention his clothing: a checkered dressing gown, boxer shorts, and fluffy giant slippers in the shape of tiger claws. For Samara Weaving, this is a little bit an extension of her role in “Ready or Not“. The same bloody and over-the-top situations. But here she got more of a Harley Quinn attitude. A disturbed, fearless person who’s extremely effective in terms of eliminating opponents. That her insane behavior was caused by an incident in her youth is briefly mentioned, but in fact, has no impact or significance. This mindless action film has only one goal in mind and that’s to show chaotic and limitless action. And all this topped with a sauce of humor à la “Deadpool“. There are quite a few hilarious moments in this film. The hand-mounted guns that cause problems for Miles to accomplish daily routines. Like for instance opening a door. Or making a phone call. And peeing is even a hazardous thing to do. The Australian-sounding hobo (Rhys Darby) was simply hilarious with his advice on suicide techniques and his Cypress Hill imitation. How he got Miles in that coat, however, remains a mystery to me.


Guns Akimbo


Wtf is Akimbo?

If you can’t stand a chaotic storyline and you get annoyed when it’s a movie that’s plain predictable and that looks more like an exaggerated comic, then I recommend you avoid this one. Or you don’t take a too critical attitude and you simply undergo the film. Perhaps then you can appreciate the vibrant pace, the screamy images, the creative camera techniques and the complete insane undertone of this movie with a limited budget. “Guns Akimbo” is certainly not a film for everyone because of the video game-like mood and the raw sense of humor. And for those who want to know what the film title actually means: Akimbo is a combat technique in which two weapons are used, with one in each hand. Well, I had to look it up myself.


My rating 7/10
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Justice League Dark: Apokolips War | Official Trailer – HD






Release Date:

2020 (Video)


Matt Peters and Christina Sotta


Tony Todd, Rebecca Romijn, Rosario Dawson, Rainn Wilson, Jason O’Mara, Hynden Walch, Jerry O’Connell, Shemar Moore

Plot Summary:

A Sequel to Justice League Dark (2017) involving Jack Kirby’s New Gods.

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Grand Isle: A Half-Decent, Half-Finished Flick



Go ahead and take her.
She’s all yours.
But I’ll tell you this.
She got a dark side… Darker than hell.


I admire the phenomenon called Nicolas Cage enormously. Every film with him (and nowadays it’s a lot every year) is a mandatory watch for me. I really can’t let a single Cage movie pass by. Even though I know that more than half of them are of a dubious level. And some downright bad. And yet there are sometimes gems in between. Now, “Grand Isle” certainly isn’t the pinnacle of his film oeuvre. It’s rather mediocre. The run-up is promising. The concept had potential. And Cage is having a blast with his role that fits him like a glove. Add to that a bitter Milf, a young handyman whose hormones are going berzerk and “Frasier” as a biased, god-fearing detective who would prefer to put the suspect on a stake, and you still have enough material to make something out of it. It all looks reasonable. Until halfway somewhere. And then the movie transforms to the level of an average C film. Unfortunately, the presence of such a cult figure as Cage couldn’t change that.



Grand Isle


Alcohol and a Nam past. Bad combination.

And to think that a white fence is the beginning of all the misery for Buddy (Luke Benward). Such an innocent item with far-reaching consequences. The way in which this fence was damaged, on the other hand, is not so innocent. Not difficult when the owner of the house is an ex-marine with a serious drinking problem. Walter (Nicolas Cage) is a bitter, fatalistic persona. A bit of a crazy person who still can’t get over the fact that he got wounded in Vietnam in a ridiculous way and returned home while his platoon went on a mission the next day. The disappointment was immense. Even knowing that the entire platoon got eliminated completely a few weeks later, the disappointment about a missed opportunity remains. This pent-up anger in combination with excessive alcohol consumption makes him an unguided projectile. His mood, grumpy reactions, and downright aggressive attitude make him an unpleasant person.


Grand Isle


Let’s seduce the handyman.

Walter also doesn’t treat his other half kindly. She’s a mature diva whose body shapes are extremely well preserved and whose libido clearly hasn’t disappeared yet. And let that be exactly what Walter fails to deliver. He won’t even budge when she shows up in a transparent nightgown with erotic underwear underneath it. A disinterested look and another sip of a glass of whiskey are the only reactions. It’s not without reason that this hot woman sets her sights on the young, muscular handyman. A handyman with a sex life on the back burner since his lovely wife gave birth to a cuddly daughter. And just when you think it’s going to be about a dangerous triangular relationship where the psychopathic-looking husband wants to initiate a lynch party, the young handyman sits at the police station, face bloodied, trying to prove his innocence in a murder case.



Grand Isle


Perfect part for Cage.

Indeed, Walter is really the kind of character that has Nicolas Cage written all over it. The manic mood. Maniacal laughter. Medium length, greasy hair, and a rough stubble beard. The constant drinking and the half-awake state he’s in practically all the time. And it’s not the first time Cage played such a person. In short, it feels familiar to see him that way. The most interesting interpretation, however, is that of Kadee Strickland as the voluptuous Fancy. Every time she’s in the shot, you simply feel the erotic tension increase. Her sultry voice and sensuous appearance ensure she demands all the attention. Unfortunately, Luke Benward could not compete with these two heavyweights. And although he actually plays the main character, it felt like his part was less important.



Grand Isle


A half-decent, half-finished flick.

As I said before, the format of the film is only half successful. It seemed to be heading in the direction of a “Basic Instinct” -like, erotic thriller. Only the eroticism and the thriller section remains below par. And you get a rather absurd conclusion. Also, the dark secret of this demonic couple is presented so casually that its impact is negligible. And let’s not forget about the intervention of the police. You really can call this part quite ridiculous. Furthermore, the movie is peppered with improbabilities. Such as that small detail from the testimony that cannot even be verified immediately. But still, it ensures that the biased inspector makes a 180-degree turn immediately. It’s amazing how someone’s beliefs can change so quickly. And the end of the film is simply terrible. Apparently even the marine uniform Cage was wearing, was also completely wrong. Again proof that quantity and quality aren’t related. If you are an immense Cage fan, you should watch it of course. Unfortunately, “Grand Isle” isn’t really grand after all.


My rating 4/10
Links: IMDB

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