Leonardo DiCaprio’s production company Appian Way and Paramount Pictures are planing to bring the 90’s cartoon hero to the big screen. Writer Glen Powell shed some light on how he is approaching the character:

“I mean, they’ve tried to make it into a superhero movie before, but they kind of did like an earnest take and ours is way more subversive and fun and like dark and irreverent.” 

Powell went on to say: “Sometimes you have to think of these things logically. If you have a blue superhero with a green mullet, you can’t do like an earnest take on that. You have to go at it from a fun [direction].”

Plot Summary:

Gaia, the spirit of the planet, assembles a diverse team of “planeteers,” who are able to combine their powers to summon an elemental warrior that takes on the appearance of superhero Captain Planet. He works with the planeteers to defend Earth from pollution caused by criminals and villains. As the show’s theme song says, Captain Planet is “gonna take pollution down to zero” by defeating the villains, who include the likes of Hoggish Greedly, Dr. Blight and Looten Plunder. The animated series was co-created by media mogul Ted Turner, a noted environmentalist.