Director Todd Phillips hasn’t been shy about keeping fans up to date about his ‘Joker’ movie production. Fans have already taken to social media with opinions on the new look. Most believe this won’t be the “Final look” for Arthur Fleck, the name given to Joaquin Phoenix’s incarnation of the Clown Prince of Gotham. Others believe this is the look and plays into the low budget ($55mil) Joker film we will get next year. Phoenix has already let fans know he doesn’t care what people thing of his film:

“I couldn’t care less. I don’t really think that much about what people think. Who cares, who cares? My approach to every movie is the same. What I’m interested in is the filmmaker and the idea of the character.”

Phoenix believes that the script for ‘Joker’ is unique and he’s found a chemistry with the character:

“If there’s something that feels unique, then I don’t really care what genre it is, what budget it is. Those things aren’t important. What gets my interest is examining people. Some of it is really f*cking simple. It’s chemistry, it’s like what you look for in a lover. You know it when it happens.”

‘Joker’ hits theaters October 4, 2019