TMZ has given us our second behind the scenes clip of Joaquin Phoenix as The Joker in Todd Phillips 2019 film, ‘Joker.’ Not much is know about the movie, other than we will get our first big screen adaptation as to how the character now known as Arthur Fleck descends into darkness and becomes one of the most feared criminal masterminds known to the comic book world. The story will borrow from one of the best known DC Comics, ‘The Killing Joke.’

‘The Killing Joke’ featured a failing comedian, who gets in with the wrong people. He ends up having one very bad day, which leads him down a path of darkness and insanity, ultimately transforming him into the Joker we have come to know.

Earlier released images and footage, show Joaquin Phoenix as Arthur before he becomes the mad clown. while a recently released teaser titled “Test Footage” gave us our first glimpse of Phoenix as the Joker.