Director Jordan Peele is riding high after last years ‘Get Out’ which was a twisted film, that exploited racial oppression and undertones, earning Peele four Oscar nominations, taking home “Best Original Screenplay award.” Jordan Peele has decided to dive deeper into the horror side of film making with his next project entitled, ‘Us.’

‘Us’ will star two ‘Black Panther’ co-stars in Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, as they take their kids to their old childhood beachside home in Northern California for the summer.

“After a day at the beach with the Tyler family (which includes Elisabeth Moss and Tim Heidecker), Adelaide — who’s haunted by a lingering trauma from her past — becomes increasingly more paranoid that something bad will happen to her family. As night falls, the Wilsons see four figures holding hands and standing silently at the bottom of their driveway…” –Entertainment Weekly 

Peele calls the creatures in the film (The Tethered) as Lupita says:

“It turns into this relentless nightmare that taps into [Adelaide’s] deepest fears and ours as well — the idea that we might be our own worst enemies.”