M. Night Shyamalan’s ‘Glass’ is set to hit theaters in just over a week. Thanks to Comicbook.com, we have an exclusive first clip from the upcoming film. The clip features Samuel L. Jackson’s character, Elijah Price, speaking to one of Kevin Wendell Crumbs 23 personalities (Patricia.) We see Price aka Mr. Glass, convincing her that they are in fact, extraordinary.

Everything extraordinary can be explained away, and yet, it is true. I think deep down you know this. Everything we will see and do will have a basis in science. But it will have limits, this is the real world not a cartoon. And yet, some of us don’t die from bullets. Some of us can still bend steel. That is not a fantasy.”  -Elijah Price aka Mr. Glass

See Clip Here: Comicbook.com

‘Glass’ hits theaters January 18, 2019