Mute is a curious film, it has to communicate desire, secrecy, love, obsession, and probably the idiocy of relationships. I won’t say that it was a spectacular movie but it did get the job done.

Leo, who is (obviously) mute due to an accident in his childhood, tries to navigate the underworld in order to find his sweet Naadi. There are plenty of moments when you can see his desperation and even feel his anguish. This is the part where I give the director Duncan Jones a thumbs up. The emotions in the film are easy to interpret and for some Netflix movies that can be a sour subject.

Whether by design or the lack there of, some Netflix movies come across like the characters are reading from a book. Feelings are told rather than expressed, characters’ faces are left blank but their dialogue has so much emotional baggage that it makes me cringe.

Mute wasn’t all good either. There was a huge suspense gap for almost the majority of the movie. The characters while some of them were dynamic, others come across as flat in need of development. The flaws are so obvious in the movie that you don’t have to watch the whole thing to find them.

Despite the need for more dynamic characters, this movie had its moments of random beauty and grotesque exaggerations. If I had to take anything away from this 3 miles short of an excellent film, it would probably be something along the lines of life is all types of screwed up, but sometimes the creeper does get what’s coming to them. Even if it may take a while.

If you want to know if he finds her and how he stands up for himself, then watch the movie.