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Can The PS5 Top Its Predecessor?



The Playstation 4 vs Xbox One console war was a landslide victory for Sony. With over 100-million units sold, the PS4 is now the fourth biggest selling console in gaming history. With that being said, 2020 is a landmark year for Sony. The much hyped Playstation 5 will launch during the holiday season. It seems now that Sony is only competing with itself.

Not to discredit Microsoft, they can still sell a decent number of next-gen units, and Nintendo always has a large following with it’s exceptional first-party developed games. However Sony is now in a class of it’s own. Numbers do not lie, and this is certainly the case when it comes to the playstation consoles.

With great expectations comes great responsibility. Sony has the responsibility now to push out a console that must top it’s predecessor, which will be no tiny feat. The PS4 was a monster of a system, with numerous AAA first-party games and even an updated version of the console that ran in 4K, it’s hard to imagine how this can be eclipsed. Although wherever there is a will, comes a way.

Sony has been mum on the PS5, we have seen screenshots of the new smaller design, we have even got a
look at the new controller, but in terms of games not much has been spoken of. We got a rather disappointing showing of the new Xbox console, but nothing from Sony, and it has us all in the dark and antsy. Could a big surprise be on the horizon? Or could they really just be playing their cards close? Especially considering regardless of the news they spill, most console gamers will be heading the way of Sony.

Sony has spoken of the new console being backwards compatible, but the question is, what will be the new titles? Will Naughty Dog unveil a new Uncharted character and game? Will Santa Monica unveil a new ‘God of War?’ Also what will Insomniac reveal as an encore to the hugely successful Spider-Man game? The possibilities are endless, and although the new consoles do not tend to “break the bank” so to speak on launch titles, it is exciting to discuss what Sony could unveil for the future.

So how can the PS5 top it’s predecessor? It seems gaming has hit an apex in terms of graphics and movement, some may have some gripes, but boy have we come along way in terms of the capabilities of what gaming can accomplish. Sony has said the PS5 will support 8k gaming, but to what extent will this be? Can they really top the games of this current gen? Only the future holds the key, but when you take a look at Sony’s formula of success, it would be wise not to bet against them.




Marvel’s Avengers | Cash Grab Or Extraordinary Game?



Stan Lee created an empire unseen in memory altogether. The Marvel universe has gone beyond comics, and sure DC Comics can also claim fame in this aspect as well, but not in the way that Marvel has.

The Avengers are not just a popular comic series, or nowadays a popular movie franchise, but it has become a way of life. Picking a favorite avenger, or opinion on the film’s franchise defines relationships and friendships, and could possibly break them. That is the level of popularity this company has established.

In terms of gaming this hasn’t been the case. As the Marvel franchise has stuffed it’s pockets in recent years, the gaming industry has felt a heavier effect from DC with the Arkham Batman video game series. That was until Marvel’s Spider-Man debuted on the Sony PS4 in 2018.

The game was an incredible example of how Marvel could easily slide into the role of being a game changer within the gaming industry. A lot of the crowd that are fans of the Marvel movie franchise are also huge gamer’s, so it was very surprising it took this long for Marvel to capitalize on this. There have been Marvel games in the past, but usually they are cash grab movie tie-ins that can easily be beat in four to six hours with little enjoyment.

So that leaves the question we all want answered, how great of a game can the new Marvel Avengers be? I have tried the beta for the game, honestly I did not come away completely impressed. Although, it did have some inspiring moments. But after all, it is just a beta, so I wont judge based off of this information. With that being said this game really does make one wonder what are we in for? Is this truly the ride we have all been waiting for as long time fans?

We can not truly know until we have our physical copy on hand (digital as well if that’s your gig) but the excitement seems to be rather reserved. This could be more or less because of how COVID-19 has sucked the life out of human society as we know it, or it could just be that we are not expecting much from Marvel.

With Spider-Man, we had gotten so many trailers and game images and hype that it was almost expected it was going to be a triple AAA hit. This can not be said for the Avengers game. Trailers and game play footage has been minimal. Square Enix who is publishing the game is a big-time player in the gaming industry, even much larger than Insomniac who published Spider-Man. So why is this? The virus can not be the reason, if anything being forced to be at home should be ever more the reason for this hype train to take off.

We are all wondering if this is a cash grab or a truly great game, and to be honest we have no idea what we are getting, but like many around the world who are so starved to play a Marvel game or get back into the Marvel universe, we can not wait to go on this adventure, hopefully the price of admission is worth the ride.

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Star Wars: Squadrons | Official Trailer – HD

Buckle up, take full control of starfighters such as the X-wing and TIE fighter, and feel the adrenaline of strategic first-person 5v5 multiplayer dogfights alongside your squadron.




Star Wars: Squadrons is an upcoming action video game set in the Star Wars universe developed by Motive Studios and published by Electronic Arts. The game’s story is set after Return of the Jedi.

Publisher: Electronic Arts

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Are Sports Video Games Worth The Fuss?



Madden [EA Sports]

As a sports fan, I tend to always feel duped year after year. Whether it is NBA 2K, Fifa or Madden, I feel the same emptiness after every purchase.

Every year I am over the moon once a big sports game release is near. I always have this strange notion that a new iteration of a sports game for the year will do away with issues from old, and provide me with a brand new experience. Yet a week or two after the release, there it sits, the game back in it’s home and soon to collect dust on my gaming coffee table.

We have this imagination as sports fans, whether any of us admit it. We support our teams even through losing seasons and boneheaded moves by front office personnel. Within our minds or now with access to social media, we derive and construct these ideas of how we would run our favorite franchises, or how we would play, and that leads to this fascination with the games.

For every sports fan, we have somewhat of a dream of what it would be like to play within this level with these “sports icons” who we only see on television or view from a distance. Sports games give us this instant access to be within the leagues, the games or run our favorite franchise, or create ourselves to play within the games. This is a fantasy we try to realize every time we purchase these games, but the illusion is better than the actual project.

Fifa20 [EA Sports]

Sports game are a rehash of the game the year before, we are given some roster updates, maybe a few shiny new details like a wrinkle on a jersey, or maybe a couple of new additions, but let’s be honest, is it worth sixty-dollars and tax? I’d say NO. We are bamboozled year after year to purchase these rehashed games, which in turn is also our fault as consumers. Sure the product could be better, but greatness takes time, the best games take years to develop, but we are so hungry for our sports, we need it churned out every year.

So here we are, sitting here waiting on new copies of the sports games this year. Maybe the developers are money hungry souls, who consume our fandom year after year with re-done games, or maybe as sports fans we are impatient fools who demand our sports in any way or form we can get it. The jury is still out on who is really to blame here, but with that being said, who is excited for the new Madden this year?!


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