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The Year of Nintendo



2020, what a year. Also what a year for Nintendo, and when we say Nintendo–we are meaning the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has a way of integrating itself through a variety of markets. Children, Adults young and old can all enjoy the simplicity and G-rated fun of it’s systems. Whether you want to take a trip down nostalgia lane with Mario Kart or Zelda, or if your a rambunctious 6-year-old with the attention span of a fly, Nintendo has a game for you.

The Wii U was a bit of a let down, especially when you compare it next to it’s older brother the Wii. This has not been the case for the Nintendo Switch. A powerful system in terms of game library and performance, not to mention handheld capabilities which has really set this system apart. Sure the 2020 pandemic may have aided it’s sales, but it was already a very successful product prior.

The days of competing with the Xbox One and PS4 are now over. The new systems of Sony and Microsoft are on the horizon. Although with that being said, this should not completely take out the Nintendo Switch. It will put a dent into their sales, but they have already established themselves as a formidable company, and their strong sales should continue into 2021, especially with the holidays edging every bit closer.

The Switch operates with two main models, the regular model and the Lite (which can only be used as a handheld) which have now combined for 55 million units sold. What makes this number even more staggering is that this year alone they have sold 20 million of these units. One would imagine how incredible these numbers will expand come holiday season.

With a gaming library that continues to expand and strip away titles from it’s competitors, the Nintendo Switch is a force to be reckoned with. Nintendo has done a wonderful job setting itself apart from it’s competitors by not only having their amazing first-party games, but also adding popular titles that are on Sony and Microsoft consoles, it not only has games for everyone, but games for adults as well. If 2020 was the year of Nintendo, it surely will be interesting to see what they have in store for an encore.

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Cyberpunk 2077 is delayed again and here’s why



Today, the developers of Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt Red announced that Cyberpunk will be delayed to December, and not November. After it had gone gold.

A Cyberpunk delay is not something which is something which the gaming world is new to, first announced in 2012, originally set to release April 16, 2020, then to September 17, then November 19. After that, Cyberpunk 2077 announced that it had gone gold. But then, CD Projekt Red tweeted a photo on their official Twitter account, stating that they were going to delay the delay of their game for 21 days later to December 10th, in a detailed, apologetic message.

In the gaming community, “going gold” is a term used by game developers when the game they are working on is finished and ready to play. So the obvious question comes, how can a game which has gone gold been Delayed again?

The answer is that even though Cyberpunk is ready to play to a large degree on a lot of platforms, CD Projekt Red still have to make sure that the game runs smoothly on all platforms (PS4, PS5, Xbox 1, Series X and S, PC, and Google Stadia. And this seems like a large task since the devs probably didn’t take into account that the game they were working on will be released during the end of the PS4, Xbox one generation and that they would have to optimize their game to all of these Platforms.

It seems like CD Projekt Red is really trying to avoid as much crunch as they can, which is a good move on their part, as Crunch is a big problem in the gaming world, and a major reason for bad health of game devs, “crunch” is a term used when a certain gaming developer will encourage their staff to take large amounts of overtime to help finish a product under a certain deadline, and although a big issue for the devs, it gave certain accountability to release dates.

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A Glitch In GameStop Online Causes Items To Be Listed For Free



You read that right, a few days ago, a glitch in the GameStop online store caused a lot of the products on the site to be free for an extremely brief time, but enough time for some gamers to buy some items.

As the COVID-19 Pandemic continues to spread, and with that, the need to isolate and stay in home, a lot of gamers all over the world have taken to online sites like GameStop’s for their gaming necessities, however, a glitch in the site made a lot of the things in the site be free, or very close to free. And A LOT of gamers were on the site in a matter of seconds.


Naturally, a sea of buyers rushed to GameStop’s site to grab a free goodie, but nearly all of the buyers received a cancellation email, and they did not receive any free goods even though the period lasted merely a few minutes, the prices did not go back to normal immediately as it was over, but it slowly increased it’s prices before it came back to the normal prices, and GameStop has still not issued a statement about this entire debacle

This entire problem was not something that GameStop needed right now, since they already have they’re hands full trying to stay afloat in amongst the COVID19 pandemic, and they recently announced that they are shutting down about 300 stores. It is possible for GameStop to survive this, but if they continue to make these types of expensive mistakes, it will be hard for GameStop to avoid facing their fall.

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What AOC’s Twitch Streams Could Mean For The Future Of Gaming Entertainment



A few days ago, American congresswoman Alexandra Ocasio-Cortez (Abbreviated to AOC), streamed for the first time on her twitch channel, playing Among Us with other big streamers like Pokimane, Myth and Dr.Lupo to name a few. So, it was no surprise when that the stream was a success, just over 5 million viewers as of writing this, although the stream was the first to air on AOC’s, it was anything but unprofessional, having custom video graphics, and a custom facecam border. These details make it clear that AOC didn’t just hit stream one day randomly, but took the time she needed to set up all of the custom VFX and borders. Although the stream was a nice refresher and fun, what does this stream mean moving forward for AOC’s twitch channel, and twitch streamers as a whole?

AOC to move to other games

It is clear that AOC is not going to stream as regularly on twitch as others, and the stream which did happen was a campaign for people to vote, but, seeing how quickly games blow up and get forgotten, if AOC is going to stream more, she probably will pick a new game, if Among Us’s popularity dies down when that happens, so it safe to assume that AOC is going to switch to a new game if the next time she goes live is after a few months (which is logical, as she also a congresswoman). And guessing the next trending game is next to impossible, as Among Us was a game initially released on 15th August, 2018.

More celebs to come to Twitch

As social distancing still continues, an opportunity for Artists to connect with they’re fans, and live streaming could solve the problem, due to the simplicity of setting up a simple stream, and the ease of access to the fans, it is likely that more and more personalities to come to twitch or youtube to live stream to connect with their fans, and to keep their creativity intact, keeping AOC’s stream as an example or reference to apply to their own streams.

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