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    Joker Co-Star Marc Maron Gives Insight Into Todd Phillips Film

    ‘Joker’ co-star Marc Maron who has openly been anti “Comic book” movies, has decided to speak out about his upcoming film amid backlash for being a hypocrite about joining the cast of Phillips ‘Joker.’  Maron says Todd Phillips has created more of an origin story, that will follow a mentally ill man, who eventually becomes […]

  • Comic Book Movies
    Todd Phillips Teases ‘Joker’ Production Has Begun

    “Here We Go” Director Todd Phillips took to Instagram to share that production on his upcoming film, ‘Joker’ has begun. Phillips best know for his work on ‘The Hangover’ will have a challenging road ahead, bringing one of the most popular villains of all-time to the screen. We have seen two incarnations of the Joker […]