Dean Israelite’sPower Rangers” is set to hit the screen in 2017.  With filming too begin this January and casting announcements deep underway, details about the new look and direction of the rangers have been scarce.


Lionsgate hired a previous director for the project, who commissioned  Alex Ruiz and Gregory Semkow to produce concept art for this version of the film.  Until now that work had been under lock and key.  But with production beginning to ramp up on the upcoming film, we now have a glimpse of the possible direction for the 2017 Power Rangers.


Zordon, Alpha and the Rangers @ the Command Center


Zordon Concept


Megazord with clear face shield


Rita Repulsa with a “Morph like” suit

We don’t know for sure if Dean Israelite’s version of the Rangers will resemble this concept art but here is what Dean had to say to IGN about the upcoming project:

“I read the script and was really surprised by it and thought that there was a really cool, contemporary, mature but still playful, buoyant and fun take on the material, and was updated in a really interesting way. It had this wonderful character that’s essential to going on a fantastic adventure. I was instantly drawn to it. I remember it as a kid. I grew up with it in South Africa. When I opened the script I had no idea how it was going to be updated, and I was really impressed by it. So I put a really big presentation together, because I needed to win the job. There were a lot of guys going out for it and saw the potential in it, so I put a really big presentation together and was lucky enough to get the job. We’re in sort of a soft pre-production right now, doing a lot of design work and reimagining the world. It’s really cool and exciting.”


Alpha & Zordon


‘Power Rangers,’ is set to hit theaters March 24, 2017

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